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Been in a car accident? Need your insurance settlement payment now - in 1-3 days?

Tired of waiting for your car accident insurance payment to be made? Some auto insurance companies may legally take up to 6 months to pay you - but meanwhile you may be falling behind on your bills and can't wait. Apply for advance funding on your car accident insurance settlement - and be able to get on with your life. Fast car insurance payment advances - funding usually takes 1-3 days, depending on your case. Rates we offer are normally on the lower end of 2-6% for auto insurance cases.


Some states may not allow advance funding. NO FUNDING in C0, NC or IL right now.

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.


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Are you facing bills piling up and do you need that auto accident insurance payment now? If you are waiting for a car accident insurance payment but need the money now, apply for an advance on your auto accident insurance settlement.

No up front fees - all fees and the advance are paid back from the auto accident insurance settlement payment.

The advance on your insurance payment is non-recourse , meaning that if the settlement falls through, you don't have to pay it back. For a funder to take on your case and take on the risk, your car accident case must be strong and likely to win and pay. Soft tissue injuries are more risky for a funder and might not get approved for a funding advance. See our Restrictions to see if your auto accident case qualifies.

Call us at 303-220-5679, Email , or fill out our Secure Application. We'll get right back to you.

It's fast (often in 1-3 days), easy, confidential, with low rates. Car accident insurance interest rates are generally on the low end of our basic 2-6% rates, with no fees taken out until your settlement pays - nothing up-front.

Car Insurance Advance is not a loan, but much like a conventional bank loan - though faster, easier, less risky, and less hassle than a loan. No up-front payment, no monthly payments, in fact, no payments from you - it's all taken from your settlement when it gets paid. Your credit report is not required to secure the insurance advance.

Auto accidents include a variety of situations. Someone may have run into your car, or perhaps it was a bus or commercial vehicle. Perhaps you were a pedestrain and were hit by a car or other vehicle. Perhaps a safety feature in your car malfunctioned and you were injured. Perhaps you were pushed into a railroad crossing at a hazardous time - these are all cases which have been funded. Yours may qualify as well, or it may be different yet. We'll certainly look over your car accident report and see if we can help. Soft tissue injury is tough to get an advance for - injuries sustained should be more severe and require medical attention.

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