The Lawsuit and Insurance Advance Funding Process

  • You call us (303-220-5679) or Email us, or fill out a Funding Request Form.
  • One of our representatives gets back with you by phone (preferably) or email, if that's what you give us..
  • You and/or your attorney (your attorney is required to be part of the process) will need to supply us with the paperwork, information, applications, and supportive information as needed.
  • We will give you a preliminary understanding of the repayment terms. See our Restrictions & Terms to educate yourself further.
  • When "fax" is mentioned, there are other ways of sending the information, as well.
  • The initial submission is reviewed, and if complete, will be submitted to underwriting (unless more information is needed, or if it is determined that your case is not "doable").
  • The application normally spends 1-5 days in underwriting, but occasionally can take longer in certain cases, especially when a case needs to be scrutinized more heavily. We try to keep it at 1-2 days as much as possible, and in certain strong cases it can be shorter.

    Settled cases and auto accident cases can often be funded in a 24 hour timeframe.

    The timing begins after you/your attorney send in all the required information.

  • Once it comes out of underwriting, the funding may be denied, or if accepted, there will be an offer made, with all terms clearly spelled out.
  • If your application is denied, we will submit your situation to another funder (some are more strict or lenient than others). We always start with the funders who have a lower cost and deal with your type of case.
  • If there is an offer, you will be notified and you either accept it or not. Some funders may require certain verification at this point.
  • Once you accept, the contract is faxed to your attorney (and concurrently to you if you are not near the attorney's office). You and your attorney sign the contract and fax it back, with the attorney verifying that the original contract will be mailed in. You specify if you want a check to be mailed, or overnighted, or funds to be wired to an account, and in certain cases you may need to agree to do the charge for the transaction.
  • Once you receive your funds, you wait until the settlement is paid out and your agreed repayment amount will be taken out of the settlement. For pre-settlement funding for which the case does not win, you have no further obligation.
  • You can use your funds to pay your bills, pay for surgery, or whatever needs you have while you are waiting and fighting for your case to win.

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