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Tired of waiting for your lottery winnings to pay? Have something you want or need to do now with the money? Sell part or all of your lottery winning payments so you can have lump sum cash now - we pay top dollar. Enjoy the use of the lottery money that is yours (you won it) - get access to it now for cash you can use.


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If you have won a lottery and are getting payments on a regular schedule, but want to use a larger portion of the money now (pay bills, buy a house, start a business, take a trip, fund college costs, etc.), we can purchase all or part of your lottery winnings so you can use your lottery money the way you want or need - now.

Simply call 303-220-5679 or send us the information by filling out the secure information request form and we'll get a quote back to you shortly, on the lump sum amount you wish to receive. You may also

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