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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit and Insurance Advance Funding

Are you involved in a lawsuit in pre settlement stage or a pending insurance case, but you need money now? You may be injured, or have lost your job, and need to make bill payments to stay afloat. If you cannot wait for your pre-settlement lawsuit or insurance money, you may need advance pre-settlement funding now. This is not a conventional bank loan - it is non recourse advance pre-settlement funding which comes directly out of your future lawsuit or insurance settlement payment.

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.


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Are you waiting for your pending lawsuit (pre-settlement) or insurance case to settle and pay - BUT YOU NEED YOUR MONEY NOW? Many pre-settlement lawsuit cases take more time to settle than what you can wait for, or companies may structure their own payment schedule. In the meantime, you may have fallen behind on your bills. You may need the money now to which you are entitled at time of settlement. Pre-settlement funding can normally be advanced up to 10% of your projected NET award (the award minus attorney fees, other liens, and court costs, etc.).

We offer pre settlement and insurance advance funding fast, with low rates, and easy process. Fast - as fast as 2-5 days in most pre-settlement cases (after we get all your paperwork in). Low pre-settlement advance rates.

Pre-settlement funding is a very old concept - families and friends have been "fronting" or offering loans to loved ones who are waiting for a lawsuit to pay - this has gone on for ages. The concept of companies providing this service is a newer idea which is now available to all who qualify. If you are involved in a pending lawsuit or insurance case and need money now, let us evaluate your case for advance pre-settlement funding. We advance funds on legal and insurance lawsuit cases, personal injury, class action, auto accident, medical malpractice and other litigation types. Your case must be strong and very likely to "win."

Many pre settlement lawsuit cases can be funded very quickly - some in 24 hours! (Most take 2-5 days, or longer if there is much due diligence involved, or paperwork isn't in.) You must have enough in your pending settlement to pay back the advance you request - your net amount must be high enough to to support your funding request and pay back the fees. On pre settlement advances - the general amount to be advanced is usually no more than 10% of your net projected settlement amount. You may again receive more funding from your settlement once the case settles, or after a major medical procedure is done (surgery, MRI, etc.).

If you were involved with a car accident, you may be injured and unable to work. You may be behind in your payments to mortgage, creditors, etc. Your lawsuit may be months away, and worse, the insurance company may take up to 6 months to pay your insurance payment once you win your case. Can you wait that long? If not, pre-settlement funding is an option. Car accident insurance advances are among the lowest in fee rates, fastest to fund.

A pre-settlement advance is similar to a bank loan, but not really like a conventional bank loan - read about the difference here. If your credit is not good, and you are unable to take a loan from a bank, or have no other assets to pledge for a bank loan, you may be in need of a pre-settlement advance. Your credit rating is not contingent for the pre settlement funding advance.

See our program Terms & Restrictions.

We are ethical. With us, you KNOW what you are getting, and in the shortest time-frame we can work with - barring delays by attorneys, courts, and in getting the paperwork - we're able to be as fast or faster than anyone else. We work closely with attorneys and know what is involved. We've been in this business since 1997, and not many can say that.

Easy pre-settlement lawsuit funding application process, quick response, NO up front fee or obligation to apply. Evaluation and funds arranged in as little as 24-72 hours (many types of cases can fund this quickly - but usually you should "count on" about a week for any delays that may come up). We have heart and try to help as much as possible with your situation.

TO APPLY - Fill out our Secure Application Form, or call 303-220-5679 - or Email for more information. Make sure your attorney will work with you to secure the advance - some can be difficult about the process. We require you to be represented by an attorney and we need attorney cooperation. The settlement payment must be made to the attorney, not to you, to qualify.

Not all situations can be funded - Social Security (of any kind), certain workman's comp, cases won on individuals or small companies sued are usually NOT something we can work with. The payer of the award or insurance payment needs to be an insurance company, a municipality, a government entity, large company or such. See our program Terms & Restrictions.

If you have a settled case, life settlement (life insurance policy), structured settlement, or annuity to sell in full or part, we may be able to purchase it.

We try to find ways for you to get the lawsuit and insurance money you need, as long as you qualify. Or get you YOUR money that is being held back. Fast and COMPETITIVE pre settlement funding quotes. If you are involved in any of the below situations, we may be able to help you. Find out your options, so you can decide. Don't wait until you are in deep trouble before seeing what your options are - working in a tight time-frame makes things more difficult.

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In Business since 1997, Advance Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance - we know our business.

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