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If you have won your lawsuit, and must wait weeks or months to get paid, you may get advance funding on your settlement, get on top of your bills, and get on with your life. Have you been awarded a lawsuit or insurance settlement, but you have to wait to get paid, and are in need of the money now?

No up-front fee application, funding often possible within 24-72 hours (depending on your type of case - most settled cases are able to get funded within 24 hours.).

Fast (24-72 hour settlement funding possible for certain cases) - Non Recourse - No Up Front Costs - Low Rates - Ethics & Integrity - Caring

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.


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Advance Settlement Funding may help you get out of a financial bind. Have you been awarded a lawsuit settlement or judgment, or are waiting for your insurance settlement - AND YOU NEED THE FUNDS NOW? Many settled cases take time to pay you - insurance companies may legally take up to 6 months, and companies may structure their own payment schedule. In the meantime, you may have fallen behind on your bills. You may need the money now to which you are entitled - you may qualify for advance settlement funding.

If you have been awarded a settlement, and are awaiting the payment of funds, we can advance cash to you on it in many cases if it is allowed. The situation needs to be transferable and allowed, and against some sort of "secure" entity that will pay - a government agency, a municipality, an insurance company, a large corporation, or some like organization with equity and strength to make the payments. We cannot fund on individuals who are to pay out - they often never make payment, or have the means. The settlement payment must also be made out to your attorney, and not to you.

Most lawsuit and insurance cases that have reached a settlement can be advanced funds very quickly - often in 24-48 hours! Once you have the papers awarding you the settlement (and get them to us), we can usually advance your settlement funds within days - or even the next day in many cases. Call Double ii's Services at 303-220-5679 - or Email for more information.

The settled lawsuit funding process is simple - you send us the judgment or settlement papers by fax (fastest way), we make sure it is "doable" - and we prepare a contract if we can advance on it, immediately in most cases. You must have enough in your settlement award to pay back the advance you request - your net amount must be high enough to to support your funding request and pay back the advance fees. If the settlement is shared between other parties, you will need to give more information to us (and you must secure their permissions in order to gain an advance). If you have liens on the settlement that will cut the net amount to a lesser amount, you must disclose these, and it may affect the amount you can request for a funding advance.

The fees are generally in the range of $2000-$2500 on every $10,000 advanced (if the advance amount is quite high, we can work out different terms). For a request less than $10,000, we look at it case by case and let you know.

The usual amount of an advance on a settlement is normally $10,000. The terms will be discussed with you at time of request.

If you fall into a category above - we can often help. We work with attorneys on our end and also with your attorney to make sure you get the funding you need, if you qualify and if your attorney cooperates. Double ii's Services is credible and ethical. We don't promise if we cannot come through. We work with and for you if your case is "doable."

See our program Terms & Restrictions.

We are ethical, and we DO fund the settled cases that are approved and are contracted for. We pay the advance that we quote - we do not give you inflated quotes just to get you to sign with us. With us, you KNOW what you are getting, and in the shortest time-frame we can work with - barring delays by attorneys, courts, and in getting the paperwork - we're able to offer funding as fast or faster than anyone else. We work closely with attorneys and know what is involved. We've been in the advance lawsuit funding business since 1997.

Easy lawsuit settlement advance application process, quick response, NO up front fee or obligation to apply. Evaluation and funding arranged in as little as 24 hours (many types of cases can fund quickly). We have heart and try to help as much as possible with your situation.

TO APPLY - Call 303-220-5679 - or Email , or fill out our secure advance settlement funding form. Make sure your attorney will work with you to secure the advance - some can be difficult about the process.

Not all situations are "doable" - Social Security (of any kind), certain workman's comp, cases won on individuals or small companies sued are usually NOT something we can work with. The payer of the settlement needs to be an insurance company, a municipality, a government entity, large company or such - no individuals. See our program Terms & Restrictions.

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In Business since 1997, Advance Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance - we know our business.

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