Have You Been in an Auto Accident?

If you've been in an auto accident, you may have to wait for your insurance payment - you have options to get financially back on track.

If you have recently been in an auto accident, you might have to wait for awhile for your insurance payment. Did your car get totaled? Did you get injured? Do you need that insurance money now? 

Insurance companies have the right to wait up to 6 months to pay you an insurance settlement. Right when you thought you could pay off your mounting bills since you were not at fault, you find out your insurance payment is dragging out. 

What would you do? Perhaps you are unable to work, or you get paid once monthly, and cannot wait until your next pay check to pay the bills, or to go to the doctor. 

If you are able to work, you could try a payday loan to front you some cash to get by (only up to $500, but make sure you fully understand the terms before you agree to this - it may be a bad deal). You could approach family member for a loan - but borrowing from family could strain relationships, especially if the money isn't repaid as agreed. You could refinance your home, but that might also take awhile, or be a problem if your credit isn't good. 

Another option you might not realize there is, is that you can get an advance on your insurance payment. Your credit isn't an issue (unless you are in bankruptcy), and you can get an advance in as little as 24 hours. The red tape isn't nearly as intensive as applying for a conventional bank loan, and the repayment is secured only by the insurance settlement that is to be paid to you. You have no risk - it's non-recourse funding, so if your insurance doesn't pay, you don't have to pay anything back.  Real injuries (not soft-tissue) have the best chance of receiving the funding.

Now you see you have some options - don't get more stressed out  than the accident has already caused you to be. See what option works out best for you and take care of your financial issues.

Car wrecks are more than an inconvenience - get advance cash to get back in business.

Car wrecks are more than an inconvenience - get advance cash to get back in business.