Advance Funding Application Forms


Important Information

NO FUNDING in C0 (unless funding of at least $75K), MD, NC, AK, KY or IL 

We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case.

Online Applications below (see the best fit for your case needs) - fill out only as much information as you are comfortable with, or what applies to your case.

Lawsuit Advances - Settled or Pending

Is your case settled? Is it in process and filed?

Auto Insurance Advance

Have you been in an accident? Other incident? Injuries? 

Annuities and Structured Settlements, Lottery, Inheritance

If you want to cash in one of these, realize it will take some extra time. Some other type advance may be do-able depending on how paid.

Attorney Firm Loans

Attorneys may need loans against cases pending.