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Do you need your lawsuit settlement money now to get over a financial crisis?

Fast advance lawsuit funding for settled or pending lawsuit and insurance settlements. Easy Process, No Risk, Low Fees - to get you advance money while you are waiting for your settlement. 


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About Us


Advance Lawsuit (Pending or Settled) & Insurance Settlement Funding - to get you cash while you are waiting for your settlement. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case. This is NOT A LOAN.


A Lawsuit Funding Advance (or Insurance Advance) can help you with your cash needs and take the financial stress off of you.

  • Fast advance money - in as little as 24 hours in certain cases
  • Faster and easier than a loan process - less paperwork, less red tape
  • No risk to you (non-recourse) - if you don't win the lawsuit, you don't have to pay us back
  • No up-front fees - nothing out of your pocket; fees are taken out from the settlement 
  • No monthly payment
  • Low rates
  • The only security is your future settlement
  • Confidential, ethical. Immediate consideration
  • Does not depend on your credit situation (unless in bankruptcy)


What We Can Do For You

We offer you time to fight your lawsuit, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.  

Do you need your lawsuit or auto insurance settlement money now to get over a financial crisis? 

Are you waiting for money from a lawsuit or insurance settlement (settled or in process)? 

A lawsuit funding advance can help you with your finances now - after all, it's your money that you are entitled to in the future.


Why wait when you need your lawsuit (either pending - pre settlement - or settled) or insurance money NOW? It's rightfully yours (or will be in the future). A lawsuit advance or insurance settlement advance can help you get financially back on your feet - don't be pressured to settle your case for less (if you are in dire need of money for bills or something else) - receive lawsuit advance money and buy time to fight for your full entitled amount.  


We Cannot Help These Cases

NO Social Security cases

NO Workman's Comp 

NO Class Action Cases - these are too difficult

NO FUNDING in C0 (unless your pre-settlement amount request is at least $75,000), MD, NC, AK, KY or IL - certain other states can be difficult as well. 

More restrictions and considerations noted.



We care - Double ii's Services LLC/Advance Lawsuit Funding is concerned with our clients and we do our best to make sure we help as much as we can, while making sure we don't unnecessarily waste anyone's time. 

Double ii's Services LLC began in 1996, offering needed services to others and found its niche in funding services in 1997, when an attorney asked us to work with their company, and personally trained us in the lawsuit advance money field. Financial services are our main and priority focus. We work directly with attorneys and funders, and have trained with highly respected and ethical attorneys, companies and funders. We have high standards from our funders - if we don't see results that are good, we don't do any more business with them. We work with funders who are ethical, fast, and keep rates low compared to industry standards. We care about helping you. 

We Are ethical - you can trust us

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