Asking Relatives for an Advance on Your Settlement?

We can help you get advance funding from lawsuits so you don't need to hound friends or family.

If you want a more impersonal way to pay your bills, and keep your relatives out of the mix, keep reading. We offer fast advance funding for settled or pending lawsuits and insurance settlements. 

Easy Process, No Risk, Low Fees - to get you cash while you are waiting for your settlement. We want the scales of justice to lean your way. We offer you time to fight your case, by giving you the means to pay your bills while you work on your case.

Advance lawsuit funding is an old concept - people have lent relatives and friends money to help them get by until a lawsuit or insurance settlement pays - and then the relative or friend gets paid back from the settlement. 

Now anyone who qualifies can get an advance from funders - making it less personal, 

causing less stress on relationships, and allowing those without the option of friends or family to get the monetary help they need. This type of advance has only been available since the 90's - once court constraints were figured out in how to handle an advance. 

There were many instances of funders getting hit with cases that didn't pay back - and that put several out of business. The advance process is more streamlined now, more secure, and faster. There are funders who get inundated with requests, and others who can handle the amount of requests that come in. The contracts are tighter, and there are less instances of fraud by the client. 

In contrast to a conventional bank loan, an advance will take the advanced funds plus fees out of the settlement at the time it is awarded, and will not take anything out prior to the settlement being paid. You do not have monthly payments to deal with, and there should be no up front fees. It is not borrowed money, but it's your entitled money, that is coming to you in the future. It is being advanced to you while you are waiting for your settlement. 

Unlike a conventional bank loan, advance funding is at no risk to the client. As an added benefit - if for some reason the lawsuit or insurance case doesn't win (and each case is scrutinized to make certain it is strong before being funded), you need not pay back the advance - this is called non recourse funding (all the risk is on the funder). 

As long as your lawsuit looks strong to win, that is the only "collateral" that is needed to back the funding advance. Your credit report and rating is not a factor in advancing you the funding - it does not set up an interest rate, or deny you funding (unless it shows you have a bankruptcy situation that might jeopardize your advance being paid back). 

No more asking relatives for money (to pay off credit bills, make house payments, etc.) to get you through bad financial times. If you need an advance on your pending (or settled) lawsuit or insurance case, be sure to look into getting funded for your settlement. It can make a difference between your financial health and 

your relationship with family and friends. 

Helping you balance the Scales of Justice.

Helping you balance the Scales of Justice.

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