Pre-settlement funding (waiting to settle)

Waiting for your Lawsuit to Settle?

Are you involved in a lawsuit in pre settlement stage or a pending insurance case, but you need money now? You may be injured, or have lost your job, and need to make bill payments to stay afloat. If you cannot wait for your pre-settlement lawsuit or insurance money, you may need advance pre-settlement funding now. This is not a conventional bank loan - it is non recourse advance pre-settlement funding which comes directly out of your future lawsuit or insurance settlement payment

Many lawsuit cases take more time to settle than what you can wait for, or companies may structure their own payment schedule that takes too long to pay you. In the meantime, you may have fallen behind on your bills. You may need the money now to which you are entitled at time of settlement. Perhaps you are facing eviction, foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy, or surgery - but have no other way of making money, or getting to your money that is to be paid in the future. You may be out of work due to injuries suffered in your situation, or perhaps working reduced hours for less pay. You may have bills coming at you that you cannot pay right now - house payment, credit card payment, surgery bills, insurance payment, etc.

Pre-settlement funding may be an option for you if you are in financial need. If you are involved in a lawsuit or car accident insurance, settled or not yet settled, you may be in need of the funds immediately - we advance money on pre-settlement lawsuits. If your lawsuit is strong, but you are waiting for the process to go forward and settle, you may want or need a pre-settlement funding advance. We can assist you in this process. We have worked to fund many people in their time of need. Lawsuits can drag out, and even when settled, the money can take a while to pay out to you. With a pre-settlement advance, you can worry less, and pay off what you need, and get you over a financial crisis. With a pre-settlement advance, you can wait through your lawsuit proceeding, and not be pressured to take a lesser settlement to get some money now. You can buy time to make your case stronger, and push for a larger settlement. 

  • No risk to you - if case loses you do not pay back the advance
  • Low rates
  • No monthly payments - repayment comes from settled lawsuit, if it wins (if not, you have no obligation to pay back)
  • No up-front fees 
  • Easy process 
  • Quick response - evaluation and funds arranged in as little as 24-72 hours 
  • No obligation to apply
  • Red tape for a loan doesn't exist in our application process
  • Credit rating not a deciding factor
  • Faster process than a loan - funding within days

Pre-settlement funding can normally be advanced up to 10% of your projected NET award (the award minus attorney fees, other liens, and court costs, etc.). (Colorado pre-settlement cases can be funded only if the advance is for at least $75K.)

Pre-settlement funding is a very old concept - families and friends have been "fronting" or offering loans to loved ones who are waiting for a lawsuit to pay - this has gone on for ages. The concept of companies providing this service is a newer idea which is now available to all who qualify. If you are involved in a pending lawsuit or insurance case and need money now, let us evaluate your case for advance pre-settlement funding, and not cause angst between family members. We advance funds on legal and insurance lawsuit cases, pharmaceuticals, personal injury, class action, auto accident, medical malpractice and other litigation types. Your case must be strong and very likely to "win."