Pros and cons of advance funding

Weigh out if it's worth your effort to apply for funding


PROs to Lawsuit Advance Funding:

  • NO risk to you - Non Recourse - if your case doesn't win, you don't pay it back
  • Immediate financial assistance when in need - fast, often in 24-72 hours 
  • You can wait for more money from a settlement and not be pressured to settle for less, giving you time to make your case stronger or to be able to stand strong
  • Pay off bills and financial commitments, stop creditor calls
  • Pay medical needs
  • Easier and faster than getting a conventional bank loan - a cash advance against your settlement is your money in advance
  • Your credit situation does not factor into being able to be funded
  • No need to be pressured into an early, smaller settlement - buys you time to wait or fight
  • Bad credit situations may apply - when banks won't look at you
  • You are under no obligation when you apply - if you change your mind, it's ok
  • We're ethical, and we don't push you to do this - it's your decision and choice - if you need this option, we're here for you

CONs to Lawsuit Advance Funding:

  • May seem expensive - be certain you really need and want to do this - we try to get you the best rates one time (NOT 15% per month, for instance)
  • Scammers and inept businesses - make certain you trust whom you deal with
  • Longer time to settle - interest keeps adding up
  • Your settlement will be less net to you when it is paid (minus the advance and fees accrued) 
  • Some funding agents take months to get you funded, which may be too late for your needs - find out how long it will take before committing
  • Your relationship with your attorney may be strained if he/she does not want you to get funded